August 24, 2019

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Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Going Strong Post-Cheating Scandal

by Meredith B. Kile      5:56 PM PDT, April 02, 2015

Despite cheating rumors, it seems that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are still going strong!

NEWS: Miley Cyrus' Bizarre NSFW Pic Fuels Patrick Schwarzenegger Cheating Rumors

The couple was spotted having lunch at Hugo’s Restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday, just weeks after cheating rumors surrounded the pair when Schwarzenegger was spotted partying with other girls during spring break.

Miley fueled the rumors with a bizarre Instagram post after Patrick, a junior at USC, returned from the spring break trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but Patrick denied any wrongdoing on his Twitter account, writing “Would NEVER do anything against my GF.”

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Posts About Self Esteem and Friendship Following Patrick Schwarzenegger Spring Break Pics

ET spotted the couple sharing a romantic sushi dinner on March 24, indicating that they were still very much together, but rumors have persisted since Patrick’s trip, provoking over-the-top responses and threats from Cyrus’ fans.

For now, it seems the two have patched things up. Here’s hoping!

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger's Romantic Date Night Post-Cheating Scandal



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Rihanna Pulls Off Epic April Fools Prank on Jimmy Kimmel

by Meredith B. Kile     10:39 PM PDT, April 01, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel is well known as a late-night prankster, but Rihanna got one over on him this April Fools' Day!

"I’m a really big fan of your April Fools’ pranks, so I was like, 'I wanna do that,'" the singer told Kimmel. "'If I’m gonna go on the couch let’s get him pranked.'"

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Teaches Hollywood's Biggest Stars How To Act

The Home star coordinated with Kimmel’s wife to break into their house late at night, waking the host up with an intimate bedroom performance of her new single "Bitch Better Have My Money," complete with strobe lights and confetti.

Needless to say, Kimmel was surprised.

"That’s not usually how you come to me in my dreams," Kimmel later said with a laugh to Rihanna, who was a guest on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. "Then, the rest of the night, all I kept hearing was 'bitch better have my money'!"

VIDEO: 'Friends' Cast Reprise Roles on 'Kimmel'

Watch Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow act out some of Kimmel's Friends fan fiction in the video below!



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Pharrell and Jimmy Fallon Are an ’80s R&B Duo on the ‘Tonight Show’

by Meredith B. Kile     10:01 PM PDT, April 01, 2015

Things got funky on the Tonight Show on Wednesday as Pharrell Williams stopped by to get into some ‘80s jams with host Jimmy Fallon.

The pair called back Fallon’s "American Power Hour" variety show bit, taking the stage in shiny suits and ridiculous hairstyles as ‘80s duo Afro & Deziak.

WATCH: Ariana Grande Does Killer Celine Dion Impression on 'The Tonight Show'

The group’s duets were pretty standard R&B funk, but always ended with a strange request like "Girl, can you pay my rent this month?" or "Girl, can you plan a baby shower for my bosses daughter?"

"You gotta understand, those were different times," joked Pharrell.

"That’s classic stuff right there," Fallon said of the hilarious bit.

WATCH: Megan Fox and Nick Cannon Take On Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa in Pictionary



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Kendrick Lamar Cruises Compton in ‘King Kunta’ Music Video

by Meredith B. Kile      8:29 PM PDT, April 01, 2015

Kendrick Lamar is going home in his music video for new single "King Kunta."

The newly-released video for the third single off the rapper’s critically-acclaimed new album To Pimp a Butterfly shows Lamar cruising around Compton, the Los Angeles neighborhood where the rapper grew up.

Lamar and his crew drive around the neighborhood, dance at a house party, and hang with friends and neighbors in front of the Compton Fashion Center. Lamar even dances on the balcony of the iconic building, which has appeared in numerous rap videos.

NEWS: Azealia Banks Goes After Kanye, Pharrell, Lorde and Kendrick Lamar

Similar locations and the laid-back mood of the video evoke the classic 1995 Dr. Dre/Tupac "California Love" video, which Lamar witnessed his idols filming as an eight-year-old growing up in Compton.

Lamar has been instrumental in putting the neighborhood back on the map in the rap game in recent years, so it’s only fitting that the light-hearted video is a tribute to his hometown.

"Stuck a flag in my city, everybody's screamin' 'Compton,'" he announces in the song. "I should probably run for Mayor when I'm done, to be honest."

WATCH: Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar Love Each Other and Sing Each Other's Songs to Prove It!

Watch Taylor Swift sing along to Kendrick's "Backseat Freestyle" in the video below.



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Jessa Duggar Surprises Her Wedding Guests on ’19 Kids and Counting’

by Meredith B. Kile     11:13 PM PDT, March 31, 2015

19 Kids and Counting fans missed one major tradition during Jessa and Ben's wedding special, the couple's first kiss!

VIDEO: '19 Kids and Counting's' Jessa Duggar Did Not Kiss Her Husband at Their Wedding Ceremony

After a beautiful ceremony, when the pastor pronounced second-eldest Duggar daughter Jessa and Ben Seewald husband and wife, the newlyweds and their wedding party bolted off the stage -- to the Arkansas Razorback theme -- leaving their guests wondering.

Turns out, Jessa and Ben decided to share their first kiss in private, away from their congregated friends and family and out of sight of the TLC cameras.

"It was their desire that they would share this unique and precious time alone," the pastor announced to their surprised guests, mugging a bit to give the newlyweds more time to smooch.

"Our first kiss was nice, slow and romantic," Jessa said later, smiling alongside her new hubby, who agreed, "It was better than doing it up there on the stage."

PICS: Jessa Duggar Shares Pic of Intimate Kiss with New Husband

For his part, Jim Bob Duggar couldn’t avoid a classic "dad joke" as the new couple finally kissed publicly for photos after the ceremony.

"Looks like they figured out how to do it!" he laughed.

Family members spoke fondly of the couple at the reception as they watched them toast (with water) and share bites of ice cream (instead of a cake). Brother Jackson even shot additional footage for the family's TLC reality show with a handheld camera.

"When I saw Jessa come out with her wedding dress, I was just stunned," said sister Jinger. "She is a beautiful bride."

Older sister Jana couldn’t help but guess at the couple’s future.

"Hopefully have kids," she said. "They keep talking about adoption, so I’m sure they’ll have lots of little ones running around."

NEWS: Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's Wedding Registry Revealed

Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle were extra emotional throughout the day, reminiscing back to their own wedding day thirty years earlier. Jessa even paid a sweet tribute to her folks when she reenacted one of their wedding photos with her new hubby.

"I am so excited that our Jessa 'Blessa' is married to Ben Seewald," Michelle told the cameras with tears in her eyes. "They are a precious couple."

"I think the most memorable thing for me is that they didn’t kiss up on stage," said eldest Duggar brother Josh. "I guess that’s their thing."

WATCH: More Duggars! Jessa and Ben Seewald: 'We Want to Adopt'

Learn more about Jessa and Ben's plans to adopt in the video below.



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The Women of ‘Fast and Furious’: 10 Kick-Ass Ladies of the Franchise


The Women of 'Fast and Furious': 10 Kick-Ass Ladies of the Franchise

Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez stars in the Fast and Furious franchise as Leticia "Letty" Ortiz, a skilled street racer and mechanic. She starts as a member of Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) crew in The Fast and the Furious, is thought to be dead (but is secretly a double agent) after being apprehended in Fast & Furious, and returns to the crew after being brainwashed in Fast & Furious 6. She returns to play Letty in Furious 7.

Original Film


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Andrew Getty, Grandson of J. Paul Getty, Found Dead at 47

by Meredith B. Kile      7:25 PM PDT, March 31, 2015

Andrew Getty, grandson of oil baron J. Paul Getty, was found dead at his home in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith told the L.A. Times that a woman who was present at the time of Getty’s death was escorted from the home by police for further questioning.

Getty, 47, was the son of Gordon P. Getty, one of J. Paul Getty’s three sons. His father is reportedly worth over $2 billion. The L.A. Times reports that Andrew Getty sought a restraining order against an unnamed woman just two weeks prior to his death.

Gordon and Ann Getty confirmed their son's death in a statement, adding, "The family has requested that members of the media and the public respect its privacy during this extremely difficult time.  Further statements will be issued as information becomes available."

PHOTOS: Stars We've Lost In Recent Years

J. Paul Getty’s legacy is one of extreme wealth and tragedy. While Forbes still ranks the family the 54th wealthiest in the nation, valued around $5 billion, heirs to the Getty oil fortune have lived their lives in the media spotlight for decades and been the targets of scandal, litigation and even the brutal 1973 kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III, in which his billionaire grandfather initially refused to pay the ransom.

LAPD Sgt. Kyle Kirkman told the L.A. Times that the cause of Andrew Getty’s death is undetermined at this time.



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Meghan Trainor on ‘Dear Future Husband’ Video: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Sexist’

by Meredith B. Kile     12:17 AM PDT, March 29, 2015

Meghan Trainor isn’t all about critics of her new music video "Dear Future Husband," who claim that imagery of the singer dressed as a housewife and doing chores is sexist.

"Everyone’s going to say something," the singer told ET at the Kids’ Choice Awards Saturday. "I don’t think it’s sexist. I just wrote a song for my particular future husband out there, wherever he is. I’m just preparing him. Lettin’ him know what’s up."

NEWS: Is Meghan Trainor's 'Dear Future Husband' Video Sexist?

The 21-year-old broke on the scene last summer with self-esteem single "All About That Bass" and recently partnered with plus-size-focused fashion line, FullBeauty Brands.

"I’m all about loving your body and that’s why they came to me," she said. "They were so pumped and they’re just, 'We love your songs, we love the empowerment and how you are a sassy and confident girl.' And I was like yes, that is what I’m going for. Let’s do it."

NEWS: Meghan Trainor Admits: 'I Haven't Kissed a Boy In Forever'

Trainor is currently in the midst of her first headlining tour, the That Bass Tour kicked off in February, and told ET that tour prep for her is all about comfort and close friends.

"Packing a lot of stuffed animals that the fans give me- love those," she said. "Texting everyone I know goodbye for a minute and I might bring my older brother on tour. That’s like a new thing."

WATCH: Meghan Trainor Reveals Her Dad Told Her Boys Like More Booty at Night

She might be bringing her brother on tour, but it was Trainor’s dad who accompanied her to the GRAMMY Awards in February. See more from the adorable father-daughter duo in the video below.



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Is There a New Lady in Nick Cannon’s Life?

by Meredith B. Kile     11:58 PM PDT, March 28, 2015

Rumor has it that Nick Cannon has moved on from his marriage to Mariah Carey with model Jessica White, but the actor and TV host isn’t dropping any hints!

When asked to weigh in on a nickname for the new couple at the Kids’ Choice Awards Saturday (Nessica? Jick?), Cannon smoothly evaded the question.

"We can go with Nick," he told ET. "We’re just here to have a good time."

NEWS: Nick Cannon Reveals Celebrity Sex Partners

The 34-year-old America's Got Talent host might not be married to Carey any longer, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still wowed by her talents. Cannon admitted to seeing his ex’s recent turn on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where the host persuaded the diva to sing along with her hit songs in a "carpool karaoke" skit.

"I thought that was hot!" Cannon exclaimed.

Cannon remained mum on his love life, however, not even revealing his current celebrity crush!

"Oh, I don’t know, you guys are going to get me in trouble," he laughed. "Man I don’t wanna say anybody’s name I’m going to get in trouble for saying."

WATCH: Nick Cannon on Life After Mariah: You've Got to Take the Hardships as Hurdles

See Cannon open up to ET about life after Mariah in the video below.



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