February 22, 2020

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Iran shuts schools, cultural centres as coronavirus kills five

Iran shuts schools, cultural centres as coronavirus kills fiveIran on Saturday ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centres after a coronavirus outbreak that has killed five people in the Islamic republic -- the most outside the Far East. The moves came as Iranian authorities reported one more death among 10 new cases of the virus. Since it emerged in December, the new coronavirus has killed 2,345 people in China, the epicentre of the epidemic, and 17 elsewhere in the world.

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Top aide: detained Lebanese-American isn't guilty of murder

Top aide: detained Lebanese-American isn't guilty of murderNaz Durakoglu, senior foreign policy adviser to Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, said in a conference call with media outlets Friday that colleagues in different U.S. government offices have found no evidence that Amer Fakhoury is guilty of the murder, prison torture and other allegations levied by his native country. Durakoglu said that in such cases there are often made-up allegations or charges, forcing defendants to try to refute lies. “In this case we’re confident that he is not who they say he is,” Durakoglu said.

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Germany's extreme right under pressure after attacks

Germany's extreme right under pressure after attacksThe extreme political right in Germany is on the defensive and stands accused of inciting last week's racist attacks in Hanau and others with its anti-migrant diatribes. Some have even asked that the hard right be subjected to police surveillance. "We have known for a long time that words can be followed by action and the elected representatives of the people cannot shirk this responsibility," said the chairman of the chamber of deputies, Wolfgang Schauble, in an interview with the daily Handelsblatt on Saturday.

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Nevada results live: track the votes as they come in

Nevada results live: track the votes as they come inGet the latest numbers as Democrats back their candidates in the crucial early voting state * Help us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contributionDemocrats in Nevada will caucus for their chosen candidates on Saturday, in the third and “first-in-the-west” primary contest. Nevada is the most diverse state to vote so far, so the results will be closely watched to determine how candidates perform in an electorate more representative of Democratic voters.Following the chaos surrounding the Iowa caucuses, Nevada Democratic party officials have decided to abandon the same app for a combination of Google forms and scannable paper ballots as a backup. Caucus proceedings will begin at noon PT, and results should arrive a few hours after that.default What is a caucus and how is it different from a primary?Most US states hold primary elections, in which voters go to a polling place, mail in their ballots or otherwise vote remotely. But a handful of states hold caucuses – complicated, hours-long meetings, which continue until one candidate emerges as victor. And the process is different for Democrats and Republicans. How do the Democratic caucuses work and why are they important?Democrats in Nevada caucus in much the same way as Democrats in Iowa. Nevadans aged 18 and over who are registered with the party will gather in caucus venues such as school gyms and churches in their designated precinct. They start voting publicly at 12pm PT (3pm ET) by splitting into groups based on their preferred candidate. Voters have to go and stand in the area where their candidate is represented. So Joe Biden supporters would be in one corner, Elizabeth Warren in another and Bernie Sanders supporters in another. Everyone is tallied.If a particular candidate does not attract 15% of total voters present, they are taken off the ballot, and their voters are free to throw their weight behind another candidate. Once voting is over at a caucus site, the support for viable candidates (those with more than 15% of the votes) is translated into a number of “state delegate equivalents”. That result is used to calculate the number of national delegates each candidate receives. National delegates eventually choose the nominee at the Democratic convention in July. On the night of the caucuses, the candidate with the most SDEs is considered the winner.

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US accuses Russia of huge coronavirus disinformation campaign

US accuses Russia of huge coronavirus disinformation campaignUS officials say thousands of social media accounts linked to Russia are part of a coordinated effort to spread disinformation about the new coronavirus.The campaign allegedly aims to damage the US’s image and spread unfounded conspiracy theories that it is behind the outbreak which has infected nearly 78,000 globally and killed over 2,500 people.

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